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*this is an intro to what is going to be a series of articles on all things “training”. Enjoy.


I’m not shitting on exercise, I’m just saying there is something more for people who want it. Let me explain:

Training And Exercise: What’s The Difference?

Exercise is movement and physical exertion. Training is movement and physical exertion with a purpose. Like I said, I’m not shitting on exercise, for many people that’s all they will ever need: to move a little, lift a little, get a wee bit breathless and sweaty. You will get fitter. You will be in better shape.

But for some that is not enough. Some people want more. They want purpose. They want direction and they want to get better. They want to set goals, they want to reach goals, and then they want to move on to the next one. Never settling. Never satisfied. Always seekingĀ  more. If you belong to this special breed, then the upcoming series is for you.


Training has direction

Training takes you towards something. It is structured and carefully thought out. Each component of a training plan has a reason for being there, and if it doesn’t then it is ruthlessly cast aside. Oh, it’s your favourite exercise? Who gives a fuck. If it’s not taking you towards your goal then it has no business being in there. If you can’t justify it, cut it.

Training plans can be broken down, dissected, and evaluated to see if everything there is needed. A plan should be as efficient and effective as possible, regardless of the goal. Everything should be pulling in the same direction.

If your goal is to add 30kg to your deadlift, you should not be eating 3 lettuce leaves and a chia seed for lunch. You need to eat according to your goal, and while you’re at it you can leave the calf raises and wrist curls for some other time. You want ripped abs but you binge drink at the weekend and eat leftover kebab on a Sunday? Not gonna work. You want to pack on lean mass but spend 90% of your workout writhing over a foam roller and jamming lacrosse balls up your ass then you need to rethink your approach.

Dan John said it most eloquently:

“The goal is to keep the goal the goal”


Set yourself and get after it.


To be continued…


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