Body Composition and Life Performance

Following on from my previous post on fat loss I’m going to tell you a bit about body composition and its importance in life performance.

Body composition, quite obviously, is what your body is composed of: muscle, fat, skin, internal organs, hair, moles, toenails, and pretty much everything inside the various crevices on your body. (Mmm, sexy.)

But, for our purposes, when we talk about body composition, we’re talking about what you want to change when you say you want to lose weight; we’re talking about muscle mass and fat mass and the ratio of one to the other.

What is weightloss?

When you say “I want to lose weight” what you really mean is you want to alter your body composition favourably. You want to adjust the fat to muscle ratio so that fat is lower and muscle is higher than it previously was.

Scale weight then is rendered virtually irrelevant. Yes, that little number on the scale has lost it’s power!

The number that you should be more concerned with is body fat percentage (BF%).

You see it’s possible to lose weight without really changing your body composition, leaving you remaining unhappy with the way you look.

Conversely, it’s possible to maintain or even gain weight while altering your body composition in a manner that has you happier with how you look by increasing muscle mass (which is weight) while decreasing fat mass (which is also weight).

If you increase more by weight in muscle than you decrease in fat, you will weigh more on the scale but look better in the nudie.

Like I said previously, scale weight is virtually irrelevant to most people. Unless you find yourself competing in a sport with specific weight classes.

That being said, it can offer some insight into favourable improvements in body composition if you are very over, or very under weight.

In any aspect of life you will have the capability to perform better the healthier you are.

I am by no means a physique coach. I am a performance-orientated coach. That is the whole point of this blog, to talk about improving your performance in life.

So should body composition be your primary focus in training? Possibly. If your performance ultimately hinges on it.

It all comes down to your life. Does your livelihood somehow depend on it? Are you a fitness model or a pro athlete? Then your livelihood likely depends somewhat on your body composition. Want to perform well in the matter of attracting the opposite sex, or the same sex, or whoever you’re trying to attract? An improvement in your body composition certainly won’t do your chances any harm. It all comes down to what field you want to perform in.

Are you an office worker? A labourer? A taxi driver? A make-up artist? A door-to-door salesman? Then body composition shouldn’t be your ultimate priority. Health should be. In actual fact that should go for everyone.

We will see now how that will have an impact on your life performance:


You need to be healthy in order to perform. Need I say any more than that?

Of course I will anyway because I can’t shut up:

In any aspect of life you will have the capability to perform better the healthier you are.

That includes physical, and mental health.

Your mental health can have an impact on your physical health and vice versa.

If you look good, you feel good.

When you are happy with how you look, you are more confident. That’s why we feel good when we dress up, get a fresh haircut (a distant memory for me), or see your bicep raise it’s beautiful round head for the first time after 3 weeks of curling in front of the mirror.

When you don’t feel confident, you often feel anxious.

As vain as it sounds, for many of us our confidence is irrevocably attached to how we look. Or at least, how we think we look.

Can someone be unhappy with how they look and still be confident? Yes.

But if you then improve their perception of how they look on top of that, that will make them even more so.

This can come both from actual, physical change in your body, and also a change in mindset and belief about yourself.

There is nothing wrong with liking how you look, particularly if you worked damn hard at it.

And the great thing is, often if you work hard with your body, you will feel better in your body. Regardless of whether there is noticeable physical change or not.

We are made to perform, and if you are not performing you will feel a sense of inadequacy.

If you push yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally (within reason), you will find that both your health, and your confidence will increase, and as a result of that, your life performance will increase too.

Me and my man Socrates were chatting about this very subject a few years back and I came out with this gem:

But somehow it got attributed to him.

And by “man” I meant “mankind”, before any crazies come at me.


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